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Porcelain Veneers

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An aesthetic smile can lead to increased confidence and leaves a strong first impression. At the Oceanside practice of Dr. Thomas Ford, we provide patients with porcelain veneers, helping you to achieve an appealing smile while maintaining the natural structures of your teeth. 

What are Veneers?

Veneers are shells made from dental porcelain, making them a durable and aesthetic treatment for patients with minor gaps and dental staining. On your initial visit, we will take impressions to ensure that your veneers will fit your unique smile.

Your next appointment will come after your veneers have been fabricated. With little or no anesthetic pretreatment, our Oceanside dentist will buff down the surface of your tooth, allowing it to support the bonding materials and the structure of the veneers. Made using dental porcelain, these shells are durable and can last years if properly cared for. 

Veneers are ideal for treating numerous cosmetic issues and providing patients with a uniform, bright smile.Veneers are able to correct:

Crooked teeth
Misshapen teeth
Uneven spacing
Chipped teeth

Veneers for Brightening Smiles

For teeth that are severely stained, or staining that occurs within the tooth, veneers provide patients with a means of covering stains and enhancing the smile. While external bleaching options can lighten severely yellowed teeth, certain smiles will be unable to achieve optimal cosmetics through traditional whitening treatments. Smiles with this degree of staining are served well by the porcelain shells of veneers, masking the stained portions of the tooth, and making the smile look bright and natural.

As intrinsic tooth discoloration occurs within the tooth, it is extremely difficult to treat this form of staining with topical whitening treatments. This type of staining can result from the use of tetracycline, previous trauma to the tooth, overexposure to fluoride as a child, as well as a result from age. Tooth-colored veneers allow patients to cover this intrinsic staining, without having to place crowns on the affected teeth, or bleach the inside of the tooth.

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