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Dental Crowns

Oceanside Dental Crowns - Thomas F. Ford DDS - Cosmetic Dentist

At our family dental practice, Dr. Thomas Ford makes every effort to save the natural structures of your teeth. For patients who have experienced fractures, multiple fillings, or significant decay, Oceanside dentist Dr. Thomas Ford uses the latest in dental crown materials; allowing you to save your teeth while reinforcing their strength and cosmetic appearance. 

Metal-Free Crowns

Dr. Ford avoids the use of metal crowns for his patients whenever possible, or unless specifically requested by patients. While uncommon, many patients suffer from metal allergies that make receiving these crowns impossible and can have long-term side effects. Additionally, because they are affected by rapidly changed temperatures, especially cold and hot foods, metal crowns can contribute to patient discomfort. Instead, our Oceanside family dentist uses crowns made from dental ceramics, ensuring that capped teeth look natural and function properly.

If a patient requires a crown, Dr. Ford will take impressions of the affected tooth, and sends them to our state-of-the-art dental lab. Our partnered lab will fabricate the crowns, providing you with a dental restoration that saves the natural root and structure of your tooth, without sacrificing your comfort.

E.Max and Zirconia

The crowns available at our practice are made using the latest in dental restoration materials. E.Max and Zirconia provide patients with restorations that match the semi-translucence of natural teeth and are color matched to neighboring teeth, giving an aesthetic, uniform look to the whole of your smile. As ceramic teeth cannot be bleached, we recommend that patients undergo any desired whitening treatment before the placement of their crown. These crowns are entirely ceramic, and not fused to a metal base, adding to their cosmetic appeal.

More resilient than older dental porcelain, these highly quality crowns are ideal for both molars, and the visible portion of your smile. E.Max and Zirconia crowns are rigid enough to withstand the pressure of chewing and preserve the structural integrity of partially damaged teeth.

Reinforce Your Teeth Today

If you have experienced a break or decay, Thomas Ford, DDS is prepared to help you reinforce your smile with durable, attractive dental crowns. We are committed to conservative dental solutions for families of Oceanside, Carlsbad, Vista, and the surrounding communities. Contact us today!

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