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Diagnostic Technologies

Oceanside Dental Imaging Technologies

Comprehensive preventive dental care is largely dependent on an understanding the current health of your smile.

At the Oceanside dental practice of Dr. Thomas Ford, we use the latest in dental imaging technologies to ensure our patients receive comprehensive care that preserves the health of their smile and allows them to see portions of their smile that may be at risk.

Intraoral Cameras

Our practice uses intraoral cameras to provide dental care that expands your understanding of your oral health. These small handheld cameras are connected to monitors in our office, allowing us to show patients areas of potential decay or portions of their smiles that may require treatment.

As an education tool, intraoral cameras let us show patients their smile in ways that were previously difficult with the use of only handheld mirrors. Dr. Ford uses these cameras to walk patients through the course of their treatment plans. We help you see effects of your treatment from every angle, and provide a greater understanding of the care you receive.


While lasers have been used for years to enhance soft tissue treatments, the treatment of cavities, also called caries, has relied on the assessment of the teeth through more traditional means. Our Oceanside general dentist now uses the Diagnodent laser to aid in locating cavities and pinpointing early signs of decay.

Diagnodent uses a wavelength of light that causes bacterial byproducts to glow fluorescent red. With these markers, our team can accurately diagnose early sites of bacterial buildup and treat previously hard-to-find caries. Through laser cavity detection, we can treat patients’ smiles before the onset of damage and demonstrate sites that are in need of greater attention during your regular oral hygiene routine.

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays are widely used in modern dentistry, and for good reason. At our practice, Dr. Ford and his team utilize digital radiography to minimize radiation and achieve accurate images. Digital technologies allow us to provide the safest possible environment for our patients while enhancing our ability to take detailed images that can be magnified, sharpened, and visually improved as necessary.

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